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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Whole...

James ( Left Hemisphere ) Kate ( Right Hemisphere ) ...once combined together we create a SUPER BRAIN...... Synchronized and inspired working as a whole....Powerful---yet a little bit scary!!!

Come and join our Facebook Group--Open your mind and trip or have a good laugh with us and our crazy ideas and not so 'normal' orthodox methods and techniques for anyone interested in creating a healthier lifestyle for themselves and also for those around them.

We cover anything and any topic that fits within the framework of General Health and Wellbeing. Which expands into Science, Medicine, Psychology, Anxiety, Hypnosis, Biology, Philosophy, Brain Function, Human Behaviour, Auto Immune Disease, Meditation, Physics, Metaphysics, Telepathy, Human Psyche, DMT, Vibrational Medicine/Kundalini, Chakras, Quantum Physics, Alchemy, Reiki, Chinese Therapies, Energy Work, Emotional effects on the body, Magic, Stress Management, Transformational Techniques, Astral Projection, Brainwave/Hemi Sync, Self Help Healing, Dance, Chanting, Crystal Healing, Arts, Alternative Therapies, Herbal Remedies, Elixers & Tinctures, Recipes, Nutrition, Fitness, Mental Illnesses, Environment, Disease, Fatigue, Depression, Spirituality & Journeys, Addictions, OCD, Personal Development, Home Study Programs and many many more.

We don't just touch on one topic or any particular product--We source the ideas and information to help find the best possible solutions and treatments for everyone even if they seem a little strange or obscure-not everything works for everyone which is the aim to provide alternate and interesting views upon new and ancient concepts of healing you may once have believed to be bizarre or outrageous, but without an open mind and further investigation in understanding these methods for yourself, your perception of what you thought you knew about it from the past may open the possibility for you to see healing in a whole new light.

We welcome anyone who would be interested in these topics and to also get involved by contributing personal stories, insights and suggestions on topics not yet covered --and would like to know further information for my research to add to the blog and please don't be shy by adding your own comments : )

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