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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Consultations with Alchemists


This unique alchemical interpretation of your Natal Birth Chart includes astrological charts showing all planetary and sidereal relationships and a personalized report written by an alchemical practitioner. The emailed report identifies the alchemical significance of the archetypal forces in your life, so you can start to “work with the energies” for positive change and growth. Average length: 15-20 pages. Please include the following information in the "comments" section of the order form: 1) birth place 2) birth date 3) birth time. This report complements and expands on the Planetary Assessment report below.


This report reveals the effects of the planets in one's personality and and essence (or soul). The alchemists believed the seven visible planets were expressions of archetypal universal forces that can be enhanced and balanced to achieve personal and evolutionary goals. This reports includes 12 color charts rating the planetary and stellar forces at work with a complete explanation. This report complements and expands on the Astro-Alchemy Analysis above.


Our cells are chemical factories in which hundreds of chemical reactions take place that effect our health and youthfulness. If our cells were perfect in their function, we would never age. The cytoplasm of the cell contains all the basic twelve biochemic salts as nutrients, and different types of cells require specific salts. These twelve salts are essential to the proper functioning of the cell and must be renewed daily. If not, the chemical factory comes to a halt and the cell dies or functions at diminished capacity. Dr. George W. Carey was the first scientist to relate the cell salts the twelve signs of the zodiac, noting through experimentation that the sign on the Eastern horizon or your rising sign greatly influenced the balance of essential salts in the natal cells. Recently, medical experts from several prestigious institutions have independently found a link between the month in which you were born and predisposition to certain illnesses. As Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said: “A physician cannot safely administer medicine if he is unacquainted with astrology.” A complete explanation of this work can be found in The Salts of Life and Cells: Their Significance and Essential Salts. In this personal consultation, spagyricist astrologer Karen Bartlett begins with a personal casting of your birth chart (not a computer reading) that is oriented toward the spiritual work you are here to do and the physical karmic pattern you were born with. Next, the medical aspects of the chart are examined and the necessary cell salts to balance the body and stave off potential problems are recommended. The cell salt you need to take correspond to certain unique components of your chart. Alchemically active spagyric preparations of the recommended salts are included with the reading. (See the 12 Biochemic Cell Salts preparations available from the Crucible Catalog.) Also included is a copy of your natal chart workup, a written report for future reference, and a cassette tape of the reading.


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