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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tantra Dvd- The Secrets of Sacred Sex

Discover Tantric techniques to instantly improve Your Sex, Love and Relationship Life

"The Best Tantra DVD made to Date"
Tantra Magazine –USA


Tantra and Tantric sex can add a new dimension to the most enriching and enjoyable areas of your life: SEX, LOVE and RELATIONSHIP
If you are interested in discovering more about Tantra and Tantric Sex, then this is going to be the most rewarding and exciting message you ever read.

Here’s why:
Introducing the amazing Tantra and Tantric sex DVD, “The Secrets of Sacred Sex - A Guide to Intimacy, Sacred Lovemaking and Tantric Sex". This DVD covers everything singles or couples need to know to become extraordinary lovers and will teach you how to awaken your own natural sexual energy and experience a deeper level of connectedness with your love making partner.

Tantra For men: IMAGINE.. having complete control of when you want to ejaculate. To master ejaculation control. Wouldn’t that be great? And imagine being the best lover your woman has ever had, able to make love for as long as you choose and never having to worry about getting or losing your erection strength. Wouldn't that be good?

And IMAGINE.. never having your partner complain that she is not getting the intimacy or romance she needs from you. Wouldn't that be great? 
Being able to satisfy your woman on all levels because you know the skills that 99% of men on this planet don’t. That's what this Tantra DVD can do for you.

Tantra for Women: IMAGINE.. discovering Tantric secrets to expand your sexual magic and orgasmic potential. Wouldn’t that be nice?
Being able to increase your sexual desire and joy of sex while also extending your orgasmic pleasure.

And IMAGINE.. discovering pleasure tips / erotic Tantric massage for him to experience a whole body orgasm and heightened emotional awareness. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Discovering Tantric practices to help him last longer and knowing the keys to making him more intimate.


In no time at all you can be having sexual experiences that will have you both saying “That’s the best ever”


Tantra and Tantric sex for couples: if the sizzle has gone out of your relationship, what can this DVD do for you? Well, imagine discovering new ways to add a new energy to your love life and deepen your relationship together, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Would you both like that?


And it’s not like any other DVD You Will Ever Watch On Tantra


Because this DVD is regarded throughout the Tantra world as the best ever Tantra DVD made. It has sold over 400,000 copies world wide and set the precedent for all other Tantra and Tantric DVD’s. This DVD is different because it takes you step by step through the Tantric process and is extremely pleasurable to watch and easy to understand.

In the “The Secrets Of Sacred Sex DVD” you will discover:
  • How to become an extraordinary lover. Discover Techniques to take you and your lover into sexual experiences that will have you both saying, “That’s the best ever”.
  • How to develop techniques for balancing differences in desire.
  • Practices that can transform lovemaking into a sacred experience.
  • The keys for tantric sexual meditation practice.
  • How to use your pelvic muscles to promote and prolong ecstatic pleasure and Tantric energy.
  • Skills to heighten your awareness.
  • How to understand men’s and women’s needs in sex, love and relationship.
  • Men will discover keys for extended ejaculation mastery.
  • How to turn sex into making love and pleasure into ecstasy.
  • Men, are you experiencing times where you are making love and you find you are losing your erection strength? Or finding it not as easy to get an erection as you used to? The mind is willing but the body isn’t.
  • Men will discover how to increase your staying power.
  • Have you noticed that as you get older ejaculation leaves you quite depleted? Do you know the practices of non-ejaculation? In this course you will discover practices for this.
  • Have you ever made note of what physiological changes happen in your body when you're coming close to ejaculation? What if you could reverse these ingrained responses that cause you to ejaculate. What if you could change your whole programming so you could go on much longer!
  • Men will also discover how to satisfy your woman on all levels.
  • Women will discover how to increase your sexual desire and joy of good sex.
  • Women will also discover how to unleash your Tantric Goddess and extend your orgasmic potential.
  • Women will discover practices you can do to help your partner be able to last longer for you. This DVD shows you how to find the "million dollar point".
  • Discover how to maintain exciting sexual passion.
  • How to bring a more sacred aspect into your lovemaking.
  • Discover how to create sexual excitement no matter what time of the day or night!
  • Women will discover how to evoke stronger orgasms and how to create more sensation during intercourse.
  • Women, do you find yourself pushing for climax but you don’t know how to trigger your release? Do you find your partner is not giving you enough intimacy during the day, but as soon as he gets into bed he wants sex? Well, here’s the Tantra DVD to make the right changes straight away.
  • Men, you may have heard of extended orgasm for women? But have you heard of it for yourself?
  • Women, what do you do in a situation where you try everything but he is still soft? What can you do with a soft penis to still give both of you a lot more pleasure? This Tantra DVD covers all this and more.
  • Have you noticed that sometimes during lovemaking you are thinking too much?  This DVD will help you discover how to be in the present moment and enjoy the lovemaking experience much more.
  • Discover how to go into spaces of pure bliss. Not just at orgasm but throughout the entire lovemaking session.


This DVD was produced by some of the best Tantra teachers in the world. It has been watched by over 600,000 people in 20 different countries.


  1. The most advantageous position for a woman to experience multiple orgasms is the Woman-On-Top position. This allows her to initiate and direct most of the movements as far as how quickly and deeply she's penetrated and she can also control the amount of stimulation to her clitoris.

  2. Hi, I really love to know what is this all about. I think that is so nice. How can I get a copy of this DVD? I have a boyfriend but oftentimes, I don't understand him. He seems to be after with sex only though I know he loves me. He tends to love sex so much and I want to understand him as well as to please him. I am also starting to read this one

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