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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

“The 11 Forgotten Laws That Make The Law of Attraction An Unbreakable Force”

“The 11 Forgotten Laws That Make The Law of Attraction An Unbreakable Force”

Bob Proctor – one of the key figures in “The Secret”- believes that the Law of Attraction is incomplete, and for the first time reveals the 11 Forgotten Laws that will finally uncover the Law’s true potential

Laura Silva -- Is the master of manifesting, and to no surprise being the daughter and close working partner of Jose Silva, the founder of the Silva Method. The Silva Method is the proven method developed by Jose after decades of research, and has for years helped millions worldwide achieve the life of their dreams through powerful meditation and visualization techniques that are scientifically backed.

With two highly acclaimed thought leaders as these, are you getting excited to know what they have in store for you?

The Laws
Because you don’t know the other laws, you’re faltering at every little challenge—instead of magically transforming every stumbling block to greater and greater success. With just a mental tweak your obstacles instantly become opportunities.
Because you don’t know the other laws, you can’t seem to break away from that dead-end job and live a recession-proof life. Instead, you are just a technique away from breaking the chains of mediocrity and becoming excellent in everything you do.
Because you don’t know the other laws, you can’t seem to get past this awful reality of taxpayer-funded bailouts and shrivelling 401 k plans—yet you have the ability within you to soar like an eagle and live the rich abundant life you deserve.

Attracting the right coincidences to get ahead is a law. Miraculously hitting the right networking events is a law. Having a full charge of enthusiasm without being hindered is a law. Lifting the curse of stress and anxiety is a law.
The secret to taking control of your volatile circumstances is just a matter of knowing and obeying the forgotten laws. Then, all the things once seemed so out of reach will now be as easy as tying a shoelace.

Designed to be a fully integrated learning course, you will have the flexibility to write your notes and track your progress as you listen to each lesson in each section. You can then access the lessons and your notes anytime, anywhere for instant and easy revision that will enhance your learning and accelerate your results!

The Movie Based on the Law of Attraction is Pop Culture Fluff!

And we have the entire industry to blame for this.
Being true to their sensational nature, they take an amazing truth and they just amplify the “sexy”, less vital bits, and leave out all the rest.
As a result, the Law of Attraction brand that you get today is a really watered down version of the real thing.
Needless to say, when you use the Law of Attraction in reduced media-friendly form, you only scrape the tiniest tip of the iceberg when it comes to its immense potential.

Laura Silva’s Little-Known Secrets to “Manifest Like a Millionaire”

Reveal your ultimate resource to strengthen your mind against a negative environment so you can successfully apply the universal Laws for a wonderful prosperous life.

Silva’s Legendary Centering Audio That Instantly Brings Your Mind Into Alpha Level For Miraculous Inner Peace & Well Being In Less Than 15 Minutes — Personally Recorded By Laura Silva —

There’s been no less than a million testimonials that attest to the effectiveness of the time-tested Centering Audio to improve meditation and accelerate results. If haven’t experienced it for yourself yet, now could not be better time to jump on the bandwagon and start getting astounded by the miraculous effects it has on your inner peace and well being.
Better still, this is specially redone so that Laura will personally coach you into her father’s most intimate tweaks and tricks to maximize your experience of the exercise.

The Amazing Mirror of the Mind Track.

No Silva technique has gotten more buzz (and even press coverage) than the mirror of the mind.
It’s because it’s a visualization technique that has been proven to work for the modern lifestyle.
Need a new house? Want to beat the recession? Desire to experience good health?
Use this one 20 minute exercise and not only do you stand the possibility of making back your investment in record time, but the life of your dreams that’s been eluding you is now not just a possibility, but a reality.

This program has so much more to offer, however I do not have the writing space to discuss it all!!
In saying that, If you take the time to read through the website, you will see the amazing amount of quality material available to you from 2 of the most well known amazing talented professionals within their fields, wanting to help you develop, understand and experience what you most desire In life.

A fantastic opportunity!!



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  1. I absolutely agree with your comment about the understanding of the Law of Attraction most people have being the product of media fluff. It's scary how shallow most people's understanding is, especially since just a little bit of effort can open the reality of The Science of Getting Rich to anyone.