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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Conversational Hypnosis Course

Communications skills are an often neglected part of our education, and our success in life is very much dependant in having a high degree of skill in this area. Igor's hypnosis course is the answer to the question of, "how do I obtain those skills?

"For those that have never been exposed to hypnosis, this is an invaluable way to get started. For those that are already seasoned hypnotists, I guarantee you will learn new distinctions."

Dr. Ed Redard, M.D.
Author of “Hypnotic Motivation”
Physician, Master NLP practitioner, Hypnotherapist

The Conversational Hypnosis Course was not just designed for the professional hypnotist as everyone can benefit and enhance any and all relationships and interactions. I would highly recommend this new course for any and all wanting to improve interpersonal communications.
The course is original, powerful and filled with dozens of examples of *captivating* attention, evading the critical factor, evoking an unconscious response and providing hypnotic instruction -- all through normal enough sounding conversation.
The material allows you to first learn and then re-learn the lessons for deeper understanding. The course would be a great benefit to any serious person that wants to study hypnosis and improve their lives.

Here are a few examples of what you will learn in the program
  • A fun exercise to help heighten your own sense of awareness! Your powers of perception and intuition will become razor-sharp and subjects won't be able to resist your hypnotic influence!
  • The Signal Recognition System: 12 signs to look for that reveal when someone is entering a hypnotic state and open to your suggestions!
  • How and why emotion-drenched “hypnotic words” help induce a trance!
  • How to trigger the emotional responses needed to activate a peak performance state! Just this one single skill improves ability to focus, solve problems and achieve the so-called impossible!
  • How the "instant power meditation" technique installs the behavior patterns needed for you to stand out from the crowd... and... attract positive attention! 
  • Power tactics for establishing influential authority in personal and social situations
  • A psychologically devastating strategy for getting someone with a dominant personality to give up control and finally be on your side! They'll consciously think they still have the upper hand... yet... they unconsciously respond to you as an authority figure!
  • How to trigger the emotional responses needed to activate a peak performance state! Just this one single skill improves ability to focus, solve problems and achieve the so-called impossible!
  • How to break a negative hypnotic spell that’s been cast on you

These techniques can be applied in any situation in life, work or personal relationships by...

Therapists... Health Professionals... Counselors... Salespeople/Consultants... Business Owners...Agents/Negotiators... Executives/Managers... Coaches... Parents/Teachers... Anyone!

The Conversational Hypnosis Course has been trialled and tested by beginners, all the way up to Professionally trained therapists and global leadership icons....not to mention powerful testimonies given by well known celebrities.

Take a look at the website for yourself, and you will see that I have only just scratched the tip of the iceberg of what this exceptional program has to offer.

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