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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What are Ultrallure Pheromones??

As soon as I laid my eyes upon this product, I couldn't help myself but to let the rest of the world know of it's existence!

As different and unique as it is, it does actually prove a very good point.
It is the mysterious and mystical unseen sexual driving force of attraction and magnetism.

Pheromones are created and released within everyone! This sexual human biological chemical essence can be very powerful in some people, however quite low or extremely low in others.

Haven't you ever wondered how or why certain people seem to "have" it, even "ooze" it while others don't??
Well I always have and I still don't know exactly why... BUT I think I may have a solution for those out there that would like to OWN it rather than trying to produce it themselves.

Pheromones do occur naturally in us all....however some of us may need a little assistance in strengthening that allure. Just by splashing a little bit of this product onto your skin, just the same as if you were to use cologne---you will generate "The REAL Lynx Effect" so that you will have some kind of uncanny lustful spell that will draw in women from all directions!!

So, what exactly are Ultrallure Pheromones?? 

The interest in understanding and testing Pheromones have grown in popularity enormously over the past few years.
Apparently, thousands of men use pheromones daily to attract and meet new women all the time.

Human pheromones are naturally occurring chemicals that send out subconscious scent signals to the opposite sex and trigger very powerful responses, as I mentioned earlier, your body naturally emits pheromones every day.
People who produce higher than average amounts of human pheromones often have greater success with members of the opposite sex. Likewise, people who don’t produce a high level of pheromones tend to attract fewer potential mates.
Hence the advantage to users of synthetic pheromone cologne, such as Ultrallure—which by the way was inspired by Tommy Hilfiger’s “Tommy Boy” cologne!!

So what are you waiting for??? Go get your hands on this stuff guys and write back to me and share your experiences!!

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