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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


 The Mind Institute is dedicated to accomplish two simple yet compelling ideals:

To effect sustained positive life transformation for all people through powerful, effective, simple and easy to use behaviour change products, programs and courses. Our unique approach creates conscious unconscious mind alignment for goal achievement by harnessing and pragmatically applying modern psychology and philosophy and advanced nlp, hypnosis and coaching principals and techniques.

To increase the performance and profitability of organisations by improving their employees' knowledge, efficiency and happiness through engaging and effective behaviour change programs.

Self Help Programs 

We will create and make widely accessible self help and home study programs that are easy to use and highly effective in helping people to overcome everyday challenges and concerns and enjoy real and lasting life success.
By doing this we are helping people to transform their lives so they can enjoy optimal health, wealth and happiness. Based around the Institute’s unique ‘3 Step Process’, each product is created with simplicity, engagement and of course comprehensive results in mind.

With massive interest and engagement from some of the largest names in the public eye, The Mind Institute’s product development arm is set to become the 'industry standard' in optimal performance and success based self-help products around the world.

Emotional Wellness Processes

Let go of stressful negative emotions such as anger, resentment and blame with The Forgiveness Process. Alistair Horscroft, Director of The Mind Institute will guide you through a simple and empowering audio session that will enable you to ‘let go’ and move on positively with your life. This powerful NLP audio CD has an introduction that provides key insights into the true nature of forgiveness followed by a powerful step-by-step forgiveness process.

You will soon be able to dissolve emotionally toxic states and replace them with lightness and ease. The process and the personal integration that forgiveness brings will make it easier for you to take effective action in the future while upholding your personal values and standards.

 Other Successful Products Include the following:

A path through depression
Be confident
Be happy
Be worthy
The 7 day mental diet
Stop procrastinating
Make great decisions
Neuro-Meditation Money
Mind rejuvenation audio pack
The forgiveness process



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