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Monday, April 30, 2012


How many feelings can you associate with only one word?

How many chemical reactions befall inside of you when being attacked or labeled by one cruel word?

How do you break a strong attachment you have developed with one word, not knowing any other meaning it could possibly be perceived by?

How can you change the depth of one word without direct experience of it?

How is it possible that one word could end dis-ease?

How can the impact of saying one word save a life when said and expressed by perfect timing?

How can one word so powerful it can transform everything you once knew to be true to be untrue?

How could one word said make every other word disappear when it is THE word you have been aching to hear your whole life?

How can one word completely change the way you feel about someone?

How can one blessed word entirely change your thought process and begin an entirely new pattern, opening your mind to achieve a higher level of consciousness?  

How is it possible one word can speak louder than action?


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